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During my campus days, many are the times I wish I had someone to help with my assignments. This is because they were too much at times I felt like I was drowning in paperwork. However, being a college student is not easy considering one has to live within a strict budget; or as we liked to say from hand to mouth.

High school was all fun since one could at least handle the various assignments offered and going back home siblings, parents and friends were also eager and willing to help. Going to college was a dream come true and I was here to learn, unlearn and relearn everything while at the same time have a time of my life.

This dream seemed to fade and melt as quickly as a cold ice cream in the Kalahari Desert.  I needed help and fast help and nothing was coming my way. An empty pocket, a pile of homework, man I was at the verge of losing it. I wanted someone to help with my essays, assignments and provide high quality plagiarism free work.

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For most, writing is not our second nature

Little did I know that I was not the only one facing this quagmire. There were a myriad of students in campus whose sole job was to google for cheap essay writing services online day in and day out. One of the fascinating things I came to realize is that there are thousands upon thousands of essay writing companies online.

Now this was another problem, how was I an amateur to distinguish between genuine and fake? I was not willing to gamble the mere coins I had for some shitty and substandard work to be offered by a writer whose English was not the first language. I needed someone who had undergone and faced the same challenges and was triumphant. Professional writers offered to handle my online classes and courses. I asked for credentials to see their qualifications and just as they had flocked my inbox, so did they fly away on the mention of the need to see their qualification.

Cheap assignment help

Now I was at the cross roads. I had no social life since I was taking a computer science course. I needed guidance and someone who had at least had experience with academic writing services that offered cheap essays that were custom written was my best bet. I got referral for numerous writing services online and among the very best that I saw positive reviews as cheap essay writing services were,, and

My first assignment was a book review and I decided to try the writing skills of the authors who were providing writing services in one of this platforms. Coming to think of it I was still naïve as I heavily relied on other people’s decisions rather than my gut when it came to the choice of a writing service.

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My experience with the customer support team at authentic essays was something that I enjoyed. I still enjoy to this very day how they were polite and concerned with my welfare as a student. First and foremost she indicated to me that their motive as a custom essay writing company was to ensure the success of the student. Unlike most, money was not their driving force in this heavily dominated industry.

She further cautioned me that there are numerous scam websites out there who sole purpose is to cripple the dreams of student. Caution by now my gut was telling me that I was making a mistake by entrusting my college assignment to a complete stranger. I only found relief when she outlined their money back guarantee policy and the discount that they offered to students who order essay online from their writing service.

Lastly I was convinced and I used their order form to place my book review assignment. During the process, I learnt that they offered a variety of other writing services such as help with online classes, help with assignments such as essays of all types both persuasive and argumentative. They also offered dissertation and thesis help as well as coursework help.

I choose my paper to be done by a top writer and also I needed proof that it was a custom written essay and therefore I requested for a plagiarism report. This at least put my mind at ease since I had to counter check to avoid falling into the trap of sweet words without any proof of quality assignment help. I had selected a deadline of two days since I had five days prior to submitting my work to the professor.

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To my surprise the work was delivered within twenty four hours and it surpassed my expectation. I had thought that this people were after my money and I did not consider that I needed them this much. The cheap essay I had ordered turned out to be one of the best written assignment I had seen.

It addressed all the key aspects in the book and the review seemed to be from the author or a qualified critique. This was the beginning of the rest day of my life since I vowed to enjoy the discounted quality work that authentic essays writing service offered at a discounted price. It is for this reason I recommend them as the best custom essay writers who delivered quality and plagiarism free essays and assignments that are also cheap essays.


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