Refund Policy

Customers can ask for a refund for up to 14 days after the deadline they set has expired. Time limits do not apply to requests for plagiarism-related refunds. However, to prove our writer is at fault, plagiarism-related requests should be accompanied by valid plagiarism reports.

Please note: Turnitin and partner websites such as WriteCheck and iThenticate are acceptable as plagiarism detection systems.

The following situations are not considered to be plagiarism:
1) Correctly-formatted quotes taken directly from a text
2) the question part of an assignment
3) a table of contents (ToC)
4) references.

Therefore, systems like SafeAssign.com are not considered reliable because they generally report direct quotes and references as plagiarism.Additionally, hand-made notes suggesting plagiarism are not considered acceptable proof. The company is not responsible for instances of plagiarism in the customer’s part of a continuation order. It is only those sections written by the writers of our company that undergo authenticity tests. In the event a customer is dissatisfied with an order, their case will be investigated and reported on by our Refunds Department. Where claims made by the customer are justified, our company will issue a full or partial refund. Customers can expect a response within three to four business days.


Paper Revisions

A customer can request a free-of-charge revision within two days from the deadline expiry date. Once this timeframe passes, it is necessary to submit a new order to compensate our writer. If our writer agrees to provide a free-of-charge revision, we cannot provide any additional refund.

1) In the case of longer assignments, e.g., those of more than 20 pages, the customer may request a free-of-charge revision within 30 days after the deadline expires.

2) Free revisions cannot be accommodated where a customer changes initial instructions. Where essential materials related to an order are provided after an order is completed or while the writing is in progress, our representatives may ask you to place another order to compensate our writer.

3)Where a customer wishes to avail of a no-cost revision, they should set the time frames for revision when submitting their revision instructions. At times, when instructions are complex or we are unable to reassign the order, revisions can take up to one day. However, we will do our utmost to complete revisions by the agreed deadline.

4) It is important for customers to check their personal account or email system in case there is any correspondence from our writers or administrators. Sometimes, customers fail to attach important materials at the outset. Responsibility lies with the customer to provide all essential information when they place an order or if our writer requests it.

A customer has a possibility of choosing an “Extended Revision” option during the order placement, for only 30% of the order price. It provides a free revision timeframe extension up to 14 days. Nonetheless, requesting a revision should comply with initial requirements. Kindly note whether a client does not claim a revision, additional fee for “Extended Revision” is not refunded.


Order Cancellation

Customers may request for cancellation of an order if :

1)They accidentally placed the same order twice. Should this happen, it is advisable to contact us immediately and cancel the erroneous order.

2) When a completed order does not meet its initial instructions. Should this happen, your are entitled to a full refund.



The company will require compensation for early delivery. Where a customer requires a paper to be delivered earlier, the cost will need to be recalculated and the customer will be asked to submit an extra order. Should our writer agree to deliver a paper earlier without additional payment, refunds cannot be issued later.A partial refund can be issued where an order is delivered later without the customer’s agreement or without extending the deadline. Recalculation of the payment difference will be based on the prices posted on our website.


Order Type

It is important our customers choose the correct type of assignment, e.g., “essay” rather than “research paper.” Refunds cannot be issued where an order has not been paid for.In the case of orders for “rewriting,” our writers will paraphrase or reword the original text provided by the customer. An additional order to compensate the writer should be placed where the customer requires extra research, altered sources, additional sections or any other feature that resembles a piece written from scratch.All customers are encouraged to check their personal profile areas and email in case there are messages from our support team. We appreciate timely response from customers particularly where they want to give approval to a topic chosen by our writers.


About Us

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