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Plagiarism is one of the issues that can easily lead to the discontinuation of a student by the faculty heads in a college or a university. This is the presence of plagiarism is usually an indication of a student who has intentionally tried to cheat by using other people’s work. Moreover, it is usually an indication of a student who was not that keen on doing research as demanded by the thesis task. Therefore, based on these indicators, it should not surprise anyone that tough actions are usually attracted by plagiarized thesis. However, with our services from professional writers and a team of thorough editors, our customers are guaranteed of getting a plagiarism free thesis. This is a promise that we go beyond offering comforting words and back them with clear evidence as capture below.

Verifiable Originality

Our plagiarism free thesis services are done in a manner that articulates issues clearly and this is one of the ways our customers are able to verify its originality. Moreover, the element of originality is also weighed against the thesis proposal that was previously delivered by the writer and Okayed by both the customer and the faculty’s assessors. In this regard, our customers are able to correlate the final content delivered in the final thesis with the outline and content offered within the thesis proposal. Some of the elements that we encourage our customer to look at in reference to verifiable originality are;

v  Adherence to the instruction issued to us to make sure that there is no element of irrelevance within the thesis.

v  Adherence to the stipulated thesis approach in the thesis proposal. An original thesis has to be coherent with the thesis proposal since it is this proposal that dictated how it is supposed to be written.

v  Adherence to word count demand. A good thesis has to meet the word count demand since the element of thoroughness is highly appreciated in the thesis.

v  Adherence to the primary topic and problem at hand. A thesis can only score well if is based on the topic and problem accepted by the school and this is why an original well-written thesis has to be based on parameters and premised approved by one’s school.

Plagiarism Report

Plagiarism free thesis services offer a detailed plagiarism report to our customers as evidence that the thesis delivered is an authentic one. Moreover, the plagiarism report also allows our customers to ascertain that he or she will be presenting a genuine and original thesis to their schools. The plagiarism report sent to the customers includes;

v  Writer’s plagiarism report.

v  Editor’s plagiarism report.

v  The total number of words in the thesis.

The need to have both the writer’s and the editor’s plagiarism report is premised on the need to improve the confidence of the customer that indeed the thesis offered to him or her represent the value to their money which was promised by our company. Furthermore, it is through these two reports that help ensure that different plagiarism checkers are used which improves the ability of our company to capture the element of non-intentional plagiarism. Therefore, our customer can trust us when it comes to cautioning them from handing in a plagiarized thesis. Moreover, the above parameters help to ensure that our customers are given all the necessary and helpful tools to ensure that the thesis sent to them is coherent to their demands while at the same time giving them platforms that allow them to verify that no element of plagiarism is present. These are, therefore, tools that help our customers to assess for themselves that indeed that the thesis received is one that can be trusted and one that will help them score well in their course.

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