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A good thesis is one that is born out of a good thesis proposal. This is an assertion that is premised on the fact that it is through a good thesis proposal that one is able to follow a consistent path toward evaluating, analyzing and solving the primary problem. It is also out of a good thesis proposal that one is able to get additional insights from the faculty assistance on where one needs to make changes toward coming up with a better final thesis. in respect of these basic demands, our we do offer thesis proposal help that guides the customers to fine-tune a proposal which they might already have or brainstorm together with them to come up with a good proposal that fits their course demands at hand. Through this helpline, our customers are guided appropriately where the dictating factor is their instructions and any other additional preferences. Some of the help availed to them includes;

Proposal Editing

Thesis proposal help services assist our customers in editing their proposals against their preferred thesis formulation. This is a service that helps them polish their ideas within their written proposals to makes sure that the main ideas are clear enough and that they are presented in a professional manner. This is done through;

v  A thorough correlation of the content within the delivered customer’s thesis proposal and the rubric guiding the thesis writing. This is followed by making changes where needed to make sure that all the demanded parameters are covered.

v  Correlating the editing tips offered by the customer with the content delivered. This helps in making the changes that the customer feel are needed.

v  Correlating the structuring of the thesis with the writing standards and making appropriate changes.

v  Correlating the lecturer’s feedback on the thesis sent by the customer.

The goal under this service is to ensure that the final thesis delivered to the customer is devoid of the previously made mistakes. It is also a service that gives the thesis a professional touch especially when it comes to the presentation of the ideas and the use of the appropriate academic tone. This is in line with the fact that a thesis has to offer a solution to the issues at hand in a manner that is convincing.

From-Scratch Proposals

Thesis proposal help services are also available to those customers who want to be helped from the word go meaning that they have nothing written on the proposal rather than the instructions that need to be followed. This is where our writers take the responsibility of coming up with an original thesis proposal for our customers which has to be approved by the customers before any other action. Common inputs under these services include;

v  Presentation of relevant topics that can be discussed.

v  The identified gaps that might be responsible for the existence of the problem of interest.

v  The approach that will be relied upon in writing the thesis especially on the issue of methodology and the guiding hypothesis.

v  Final thesis proposal with clearly defined scope problem that is pegged on verifiable literature gaps within the discipline of interest.

Through these inputs, our customers are guaranteed of being serviced with a thesis proposal that is coherent with their area of interest, available literature and identified gaps with the current pool of knowledge. These aspects make it easier for us to deliver a high-quality thesis proposal regardless of the constraints present.


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