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Thesis writing is one of those academic engagements where due diligence is needed to makes sure that the topic chosen is one that can be researched in great depth. Moreover, in the same line of thought, the choice of a specific line of questioning which is needed to make sure that the right path or research is followed.


Besides, there is the need to make sure that topic chosen is one that is coherent with the goals of the thesis which is usually to bring about new insights that offers a new solution to a real problem. It is in appreciation of these core factors that our custom thesis writing services are premised on the need to offer our customers a platform where they are able to polish-up their topic, research problem and identify the right strategy to exploit when handling a thesis task. In this regard some of the services offered include

Topic Selection

Our custom thesis writing helps the customers come up with a topic selection based on the ideal research they want to handle. This is a process that sees a high level of coordination between our customers and writers to makes sure that the final decision made is a product of an agreement between the chosen writer and the customers.  Some of the issues handled in this regard include;

v  The course at hand since this dictates the topics that can be applied.

v  The customer’s chosen problem which helps in elimination of irrelevant topics.

v  The literature review will help in the identification of the potential gaps that have led to the existence of the problem chosen by the customer.

v  The topic demands issued by the lecturer which is also helpful in avoiding red-zones given when it comes to choosing a topic for the thesis.

Structure Definition

In line with delivering a thesis that meets all the demands, our custom thesis writing service also works closely with the customers to come up with the right structuring that will be used. This is an undertaking where the main goal is to understand how the customers want to present the ideas.

This is an undertaking where the customers are guided through different approached where possible and when the customers have a clear understanding of structure to be used, this information is offered to our writers toward enabling them to deliver a customized thesis. In this regard, our customers can expect the following

v  Guidance of choosing the best structure for the paper when needed.

v  A close working relationship with the writer through the administration when it comes to making amendments to the thesis structure.

v  Access to free writing styles from the writer making it possible for the customers to score well when it comes to following the demands of writing styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard, and Oxford to name but a few.

Research Proposal

Writing the research proposal is one of the fundamental services offered by custom thesis writing. It is here where the thesis takes shape by ensuring that the research proposal captures in details what the primary problem is, and how the thesis will try and look for insights on how best to handle the problem in a sustainable manner.

It is here where the customers are able to understand the approach that will be used in writing the thesis which he or she can pass to their lecturer for further guidance. To reach this goal, under the research proposal, our customers are offered;

v  The topic chosen as the backbone of the thesis.

v  The research questions that will be used.

v  The hypothesis that will guide the relevant research and consequently the writing of the thesis.

v  The sample and sampling methods.

v  The methodology that will be utilized in carrying out the necessary data collection and analysis.

v  Any foreseeable challenges and how to handle them.

v  Additional improvement on the proposal and approach to be utilized in the thesis once lecturer’s feedback is received and the commencement of actual writing of the thesis.


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