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Good customer treatment is another reason you should seek our services especially if you are looking for a cheap essay writing service. This is because we offer one of the most competitive prices in the market. Furthermore, our pricing is appreciative of the fact that our largest number of customers are college and University students who might not be working.

It is in appreciation of this fundamental fact that we have been keen to ensure that our prices are fair and that our customers are always able to get the best utility out of any penny paid to us. This pricing approach is one of the reasons we have been able to maintain good customer relations over the years since we have proven to them that we are a company that upholds fairness when it comes to charging them for our services.

Verifiable Discounts

Our cheap essay writing service offers our customers discounts based on the total charge of the order placed. Despite this being a common thing in the industry, what differentiates us from others is that our discount is applicable to any order place and to any customer including the first-time customer.

Besides, our customers are able to verify that indeed they have been given a discount since it is they themselves who key in the discount coupon into our system upon which the applicable discount (usually given as a percentage) is deducted from the final payment. It is, therefore, possible to compare the initial charge calculated automatically by the system and the final charge paid after applying the discount making is verifiable.

Flexible Charges

 We offer very flexible charges in our cheap essay writing services. This means that there is nothing like a fixed charge that our customers are expected to pay. What this points to is the fact that any charge incurred by our customers is paid back in the form of quality service. Moreover, with our prices being based on the number of pages and deadline, it means that our customers are able to choose a combination that reflects their budget.

Furthermore, our customers are able to access the charges table which outlines the various charges applicable to different levels of writing ranging from College level to PhD. A combination of these parameters helps our customers to choose the plan that best fits their ability meaning everyone can afford our service. Above all, our charging plan allows our customers to try different combinations of preferences before making the payment, for example, shifting from College level of writing to University, or shifting the deadline from one day to two days and vice versa. This is a platform that also allows our customers to customize their order towards being coherent with the money the customer wants to use.

Cheap for quality

 “Cheap is sometimes expensive” so they say, we do appreciate that when a company says it will deliver a service at a cheap price is usually a signal for another presence of another phenomenon that will end up costing the customer. However, our cheap essay writing service, devoid of such challenges since we have always been a company driven by quality.

In other words, despite our customers enjoying non-exploitative prices, they are always assured of high-quality services. Besides, we are able to offer cheap services with high quality because of the efficiency within which essays are handled with by our writers. For example, we have been able to make sure that our writers are specialists in their discipline and hence whenever a customer orders for our services, the order is assigned to a writer with five minutes.

This is an approach that has helped us to handle tasks in a timely manner hence avoiding challenges such as refunds for the customers for work not done or additional charges form the customers to lure writers due to deadline constraints.    

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